Conversations with Clients - Addison Marchese
Posted September 20, 2023

Conversations with Clients - Addison Marchese

Can you remind us how you found Unspoken Agreement? How did you feel our first meeting went?

I stumbled across a brand called Knowell that I thought was really well designed, but I didn’t know who created it. Several months later I was interviewing a developer and realized he had built the Knowell website, and he then introduced me to Unspoken Agreement.

My first meeting with your team was friendly and open, a stark difference from working with larger agencies. When you’re working closely with a small team, there’s a level of attention and detail that you don’t get with larger groups. I was able to immediately have a deep conversation with UA about the brand, and you quickly understood what we were looking for and identified several opportunities for improving our brand that we hadn’t considered.

Initially, you hired us for website design. Once that job was complete you brought us on for two additional website designs, packaging design, and many more design-related tasks. This was the end of a short term project and the start to one of our favorite client relationships and to be quite honest, what feels like a friendship. What about our team, process, and work made this the right decision for you and your team?

The speed and quality at which y’all work is unparalleled. You work fast– really fast- it’s impressive to experience. The raw creativity that comes out of your team is rare and unique. Any idea I threw at you both, you found a solution for it. You both are also wonderful people who are simply a joy to work with- this combination is unique and hard to find.

How would you rate the level of trust you developed with our design studio throughout the process?

I quickly established a high level of trust in the team, more than I’ve ever had with any external design studio. Your ability to see the problem and anticipate our concerns is remarkable. We found that working closely with designers of this expertise, facilitates a safe space for the best ideas to be cultivated.

Did you find the communication and collaboration process smooth and effective?

Collaborating and communicating with your team is natural and smooth. It’s easy to convey complex ideas to them, and you’re highly skilled at simplifying and focusing on finding ways to create impact through our brand. You are excellent communicators, which is also reflected in your copywriting skills.

Overall, how do you feel about the design and aesthetics of the work we executed for you? Did you have a favorite piece of design?

I’m extremely satisfied with the work Unspoken Agreement did for our brand. My favorite piece is the packaging they created for Elipsa. The box is essentially 90% whitespace, but it has a unique foil pattern that jumps off the page in different ways depending on the surrounding light. In real life it’s just so much fun to look at.

Have you noticed any improvements in customer engagement or sales since the new packaging and website design was introduced?

We saw a significant increase in consumer sales with the launch of our website and packaging. There is a level of trust and quality that the design elevates our brand to, and we’ve noticed that customers identify with this. We’ve also found that customers find it easier to understand our technology when it’s been presented to them in a simple yet meaningful way.

Have you received positive feedback from your customers regarding any specific work we did for you?

We see regular social media posts from customers highlighting our packaging and branding. Overall it’s increased our perceived value, and elevated the brand into more of a luxury space. It’s exciting to see customers that are proud to showcase our brand.

Would you consider working with us again for future design projects based on your current experience? And what would you change?

Absolutely. Although LightStim has in-house design team, all major brand identity projects will continue to run under UA’s execution.

Check out Addison's website to see the projects we collaborated on and more of his fantastic work!

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Conversations with Clients - Addison Marchese

Conversations with Clients - Addison Marchese

Our client, Addison Marchese, Creative Director at LightStim, talks about how it has been working with our team for the past few years.