Venture Houston 2023 - Event Design, Brand Design, Signage, Animation, 3D Rendering, and Print Design
Posted September 15, 2023

Venture Houston - Spotlighting the Path for Decarbonization in a Digital World

After 7 months of branding and design work, our team attended Venture Houston 2023 at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Innovation met sustainability under the theme ‘Spotlighting the Path for Decarbonization in a Digital World’ and featured an impressive roster of panel speakers and topics that focused on how companies can and should focus on the impact of their digital footprints. Throughout the day, we were on-site working closely with fellow team members (Infofluency, Sara in the City, Continuum, Huey Marketing, and HX Venture Fund) - all of us driven by a common purpose.

Collaborating seamlessly with other event stakeholders, our team contributed to crafting an unforgettable experience for attendees. The conference's theme resonated deeply with us, pushing us to integrate sustainability and innovation into every design element.

We created a range of collateral and content. From signage to videos, animations to renders, we aimed to set a new standard for event aesthetic. However, the true magic of design unfolds when experienced in person. The vibrant realization of our creations was genuinely refreshing.

However, it wasn't just about design. The HX Venture Fund team went above and beyond to show their appreciation. They treated us to a special dinner, a gesture that resonated deeply with our team. It's this kind of partnership and respect that fuels our passion for what we do.

As we wrapped up this year's conference, our minds were already racing with ideas for the next one. We aspire to be an integral part of branding this conference each year, pushing the boundaries of design, sustainability, innovation, and creating memorable experiences for all who attend.

Venture Houston 2023 was more than just an event to our boutique team; it was an opportunity to showcase our design, collaborate with a fantastic team, and be inspired by the power of venture capital and the HX Venture Fund team. We're grateful for the trust our clients placed in us and are excited about the future. Until next year, Houston!

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